NEW *72

*NEW* Unisex Ives Goggles & Mask at The Nightmare Event

Ives Goggles & Mask AD


*NEW* “IT Clown Face Tattoo & Eyes” at The Nightmare Event

IT Clow Face Tattoo AD


NEW° 67

Cyrene Jewelry Gacha At Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

  • 6 Common Bangles
  • 6 UnCommon Septums
  • 6 UnCommon Bindi with stone hud to change the color
  • 1 Rare Claw Ring – Hud Metal in Gold&Silver & Stone in 6 Colors (For classic mesh hands)
  • 1 UltraRare Set – Headpiece, Bangles & Bracelets with Hud included to change the color


Cyrene Jewelry Gacha key AD